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Stomach Irritation, Inflammation

While many acid reducers are very popular prescriptions today and they may provide short term relief, natural doctors do not recommend their long term use. A formula like homeopathic Entropin contains an effective mix of homeopathic remedies which will help an irritated stomach, yet they do not harm the body’s own digestive enzyme production. Soothing formulas like Mucoplex are helpful for cleansing the stomach. At a later stage enzymes and stomach support may be needed as the real cause of stomach irritation is indigestion caused by insufficient digestive juices.
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Stomach Energizer Homeopthic N-20
Stomach Energizer Homeopthic N-20
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Entropin  Homeopathic Stomach
Entropin Homeopathic Stomach
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Digestive Comfort
Digestive Comfort
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Metallo Clear Metallo Clear
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